Welcome to Against the Grain!

Making a First Impression is Key

Welcome boys and girls, men and women, they and thems, aliens, lizard people, and anyone else I forgot. This is Against the Grain, your one-stop shop for satire and debate on today’s hottest headlines and issues. If you’re easily offended, feel free to stick around, every good empire needs its haters. At Against the Grain, we strive to live by a set of ideals – that no gender, race, political affiliation, or popularized opinion shall go unoffended in our mission to spread awareness of world events and spark creative debate.

The fans at Against the Grain high on information and satire…or maybe LSD. Who are we to judge?

But where are my manners? Introductions are in order. *clears throat* Introducing your host for the evening – the officiate of offense, the Duke of disorder, he’s the man with an opinion so big he’s not allowed to wear his grey sweatpants outside the house. He’s Jimmy Cooke!! *uproarious applause* Thank you. Thank you, you’re too kind. Strap yourself down and settle in for the ride as we explore all the crazy shit the world has to offer, and right now, it is a construction site, Port-A-Potty, still warm from the lunch rush. Click on ‘News Stories’ at the top of the page to see all our articles. Please, direct any comments, ideas, suggestions, or hate mail to our editor Jimmy Cooke at askthehealthguy1@askthehealthguy1@yahoo.com. Click the ‘Like’ button at the bottom of the page and share the blog with your friends. Subscribe to keep all the laughs coming to your inbox.